The fact that the instruments of the 21st century are more precise and powerful does not mean that those of the 18th to the 20th century are per se "more real", "more authentic" or even "truer".


Tradition is dialogue

For there is no fundamentally 'perfect' or 'absolute' standard, especially not in music and its (i.e. our) tradition.
As the exsample of nearly every Master of the past tought us, there scarcly anything but the dialog between musical heritage and the currently possible which inspires the technology and keeps the tradition alive.


digital interpretation...

The machine automation of music is not such a new invention. In fact, it can be traced back to the scholar Heron of Alexandria (10-70 AD). The decisive challenge, has always been to shape the narrative character of the music as detailed and intimately appealing as one expect it from any other good classically or romantic interpretation.



Most of the recordings of Bach's works presented here are part of a smaller or often larger group of Bach's works and are recorded in various arrangements or different instrumentation. . It is assumed that different views might show very different and yet remarkable aspects of the music in the comparison of both.

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