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  • Works for Lute

Bach's lute works are of interest because, on the one hand, it is unclear whether they were actually composed for the lute or at least for the keyboard instrument "lute piano" or "lute work", which was new in Bachs time. At least some mentions of the Lautenclavier on early historic copies and the available earliest manuscripts which were mostly written in two-line piano notation indicate, that this music could be meant for a keyboard. The lute tablatures that were common in his time, on the other hand, are only available in a few individual cases. On the other hand, almost half of the seven known works can be traced back to other compositions which Bach used in sometimes even completely different instrumentation. If one then also includes the rich variety of forms of performance of these works in the musical tradition, than a large spectrum of inherently plausible conceptions and interpretations of this music emerges, which is to be compared here in all conceivable forms.


  • Violinconcertos
  • 'Clavier'concertos
  • Tripleconcerto

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